Remembering Lynja: The Inspiring Life and Legacy of TikTok’s Beloved Cooking Sensation, Lynn Yamada Davis

Lynn Yamada Davis, Cooking With Lynja Tiktok Chef, Dies At Age 67

Lynn Yamada Davis, a TikTok personality celebrated for her humorous approach to cooking, passed away at 67, as confirmed by her son on social media last Friday. He described her final moments as extraordinarily peaceful, surrounded by her loved ones.

Her daughter, Hannah Mariko Shofet, informed The New York Times that esophageal cancer was the cause of her mother’s passing.

A touching video shared by Davis’ son on social media displayed a series of photographs capturing her life journey – from childhood, her college days at MIT, to her post-graduation achievements with a civil engineering degree. “She’s so cool,” he fondly remarked about his mother. The video included snapshots of Davis as a devoted mother to her eldest son, a professional soccer player, celebrating her role as a “proud mom.” It also featured images of their family kitchen and Davis during her marathon runs – she completed eight in total.

A mother to four, Davis was profiled by the MIT Alumni Association, highlighting her venture into the world of online cooking shows with Tim, her youngest. Their series, Cooking with Lynja, initially experienced slow follower growth until a 2021 TikTok video featuring a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich skyrocketed to viral fame.

Lynn Yamada Davis, Cooking With Lynja Tiktok Chef, Dies At Age 67-

Lynn Yamada “Lynja” Davis was spotted at the Streamy Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California, on August 27, 2023.

Boasting nearly 30 million followers across multiple platforms, Davis was renowned for her extravagant and comedic cooking videos, often featuring playful interactions with her children. On TikTok, where she had amassed 17.8 million followers, Davis was known for sampling global cuisines but predominantly showcased her culinary skills from her home kitchen.

Her videos included preparing luxurious wagyu steaks while humorously bemoaning their steep price, and enjoying sandwiches by a kiddie pool, all while exuding a warm, grandmotherly charm. “Little Lynja,” an alternate character, frequently appeared in her videos, either chiding or guiding her in her culinary adventures.

In 2022, Davis received a Streamy Award, celebrating her exceptional contributions to online video.

Her son, in his heartfelt video message, referred to her as the “internet’s grandma,” lauding her as the best. He expressed gratitude for the joy and fun they shared in making videos, thanking her audience for being a part of their journey.

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