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For a few years now, private investors have had the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies. Many people are not yet familiar with this term. Even fewer people are clear, however, what is behind it. Therefore, here at Money+ we have made it our task to highlight all the ways to start trading, which also supports auto-trading crypto robots.

We constantly test all brokers in this industry, so that the selection of the appropriate broker is as simple as possible – find an overview of all tested brokers in our cryptocurrency broker comparison or simply read through some trading tips on social trading and copy trading to learn more about these tools we offer for private investors. We wish you the best of luck with your investments!

Getting started trading cryptocurrencies

An aura of mystery surrounds cryptocurrencies, and it’s understandable why. Cryptocurrencies are intangible currencies that can be transferred peer-to-peer without the need for a central authority or a third-party service like PayPal. At first glance, this may not sound too intriguing, but what if I told you that they are worth over $100 billion right now? That would change your mindset! So, how do people start trading these things in the first place? Well, there may already be some on exchanges in other countries, so just buy them with dollars/yen, etc., but one way to get started is to buy popular coins like Bitcoin through brokers who will send them directly from their wallet address after verification (they will also charge fees). 

To start trading, you should have basic information about cryptocurrencies. However, everything that is needed can be quickly found on our website. So, it should be started with what cryptocurrencies are. After that, you can start searching for a suitable broker for your preferences.

You can find our most popular reviews here:

What should you look for when choosing a broker?

It’s often difficult for beginners to know how or when to make a decision, especially if it’s their first time. There are some basics that need to be considered before making the final decision on an idea, and here’s what to look for:

Making a qualified decision can take quite a while, depending on how much experience you have with these things; however, there are things to consider so that this process doesn’t drag on too long – like thinking about basic factors like:


The EU is usually the best place to trade because it has the strictest regulations in the world. Regulation can be a good indication of how reputable an investment broker is – and if it’s regulated by a government agency, that means someone else has had their hands on it before you do! The safest way for investors around the world is to invest through brokers that have regulation by authorities like those in Europe

Risk information

Trading cryptocurrencies is risky, but it can be worth the risk if you know what your broker is doing. If they don’t tell investors that their money could lose value or be stolen due to a hack, and don’t otherwise offer information on how to mitigate that risk, then caution should be the deciding factor in which provider is right for them!


Providing a technically sound platform should be free and efficient. Later, it may make sense to spend money on special requirements so that you can trade more efficiently.

Which brokers does Money+ recommend?

Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Trader are both FREE to download, but Cryptosoft has a one-time fee of $250. These websites provide analytical tools for traders online at all hours worldwide from the comfort of their homes or offices using any device with internet access like laptops, tablets, smartphones – you name it! The website owners themselves usually trade on behalf of clients, so you don’t have to worry about account maintenance fees like many brokers charge.