Exploring European Artistry: Artists Touring in Summer 2023

If you’re a music lover and avid traveler, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant world of European artistry. In the summer of 2023, a plethora of talented artists will be hitting the road to bring their mesmerizing performances to audiences across the continent. From up-and-coming indie bands to internationally acclaimed superstars, the European music scene will be buzzing with energy and creativity. Join us as we dive into the captivating realm of artists touring in Europe during the summer of 2023 and discover the unique sounds and captivating performances that await.

Artists Touring In Europe Summer 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Coldplay, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Bruce Springsteen, and Hans Zimmer are among the renowned artists embarking on tours in Europe in summer 2023.
  • Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Paramore, Madonna, Beyoncé, and more are also scheduled to go on tour in 2023, offering a diverse range of musical experiences.
  • The Summer Carnival 2023 tour features Pink as the headliner and includes guest performances by Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, Brandi Carlile, and Grouplove.
  • Adele, SZA, The Breeders, Janet Jackson, Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, and Lil Yachty are some of the artists with confirmed tours in Europe in 2023.
  • Eurovision Song Contest artists will hit the road for tours following the competition.
  • Exciting music festivals are set to take place throughout Europe in summer 2023, offering opportunities to discover new talent and enjoy a variety of genres.
  • Artists such as Arctic Monkeys and GloRilla are also planning tours in 2023, adding to the diverse lineup of performances available to music lovers.

Artists Touring in Europe Summer 2023

Europe is set to be a hub of musical talent and excitement in the summer of 2023, with a plethora of incredibly talented artists embarking on tours throughout the continent. If you’re a music lover or an avid traveler, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to experience the incredible performances and vibrant energy that these artists will bring to the stage. In this article, we will take a closer look at the artists touring in Europe summer 2023 and the destinations they will be gracing with their presence.

Coldplay: A Worldwide Tour in Europe

One of the most highly anticipated tours of the summer is Coldplay’s worldwide tour, which will include several dates across Europe. Known for their captivating live performances and anthemic hits, Coldplay is set to create unforgettable moments for fans lucky enough to attend their shows. With their infectious energy and powerful sound, Coldplay will undoubtedly deliver a memorable experience for concert-goers in Europe.

Metallica: World Tour Encompassing Europe

Another massive tour hitting Europe in summer 2023 is Metallica’s world tour. This legendary heavy metal band will be rocking stages not only in Europe but also in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Metallica’s intense stage presence and iconic catalog of songs are sure to leave audiences in awe during their European performances. Prepare yourself for a night of pure adrenaline and headbanging!

Depeche Mode: Rumored Comeback Tour

Rumors are swirling about a potential comeback tour by Depeche Mode in 2023. For fans of this influential electronic music band, this could be the event of a lifetime. Although details are still sparse, the mere possibility of witnessing Depeche Mode’s brooding and emotionally charged performances live on stage is sending shivers down the spines of music enthusiasts across Europe.

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss Returns

Bruce Springsteen, the legendary American rock icon, is expected to grace Europe with his presence during his much-anticipated tour in 2023. With his soul-stirring lyrics and powerful stage presence, Springsteen has the ability to create a connection with his audience like no other. Prepare to be moved by Springsteen’s heartfelt performances that will transport you to a place where music touches your very soul.

Hans Zimmer: A UK Tour like Never Before

Renowned film composer Hans Zimmer is set to take his mesmerizing soundscapes on a UK tour in 2023. Known for his captivating scores that have brought movies to life, Zimmer’s live performances promise to be a sensory feast for the ears. Experience the magic of Zimmer’s compositions as they transport you through a whirlwind of emotions, evoking memories of beloved movies while creating new musical moments.

A Multitude of Talent: Artists to Watch Out For

In addition to these headline acts, a myriad of other incredible artists will be touring Europe in the summer of 2023. From pop sensations like Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Paramore, Madonna, and Beyoncé, to rising stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, and Lil Yachty, there is something for every musical taste. These artists will undoubtedly bring their unique styles and unforgettable performances to stages across Europe, leaving audiences awestruck and craving for more.

Music Festivals: An Extravaganza of Artistry

Europe in summer is also home to numerous music festivals that showcase a wide range of talent. From internationally renowned events like the Summer Carnival and the Eurovision Song Contest to smaller, niche festivals that celebrate specific genres, these festivals offer a diverse and immersive musical experience. Join thousands of music lovers from around the world as you dance, sing, and discover new artists in breathtaking festival settings.

As you start planning your summer 2023 adventures, make sure to keep an eye out for tickets to these incredible tours and festival events across Europe. Get ready to embark on a journey through the European music scene, immersing yourself in the diverse artistry of some of the world’s most talented musicians. Whether you’re a devoted fan, a casual listener, or an adventurous traveler, the artists touring in Europe summer 2023 are sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your musical soul. So pack your bags, grab your tickets, and get ready to witness the magic of European artistry come alive on stage!

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Dates and Locations of Key Concerts and Festivals

As we delve into the vibrant world of European artistry, we uncover a plethora of exciting concerts and festivals taking place in the summer of 2023. The continent becomes a haven for music lovers, offering a diverse range of genres and experiences to suit every taste. In this article, we will explore the dates and locations of some of the most prominent concerts and festivals happening across Europe, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of musical talent on display.

Exploring Istanbul’s Concerts and Festivals

Let’s kick off our journey by venturing into the captivating city of Istanbul. This cultural hub beckons music enthusiasts with its thriving music scene and a vibrant lineup of concerts. To plan your musical escapade in Istanbul, websites like Songkick and Concertful serve as valuable resources.

On Songkick, you can find comprehensive information on Istanbul concerts, festivals, tickets, and the tour dates for the year 2023 and even beyond. It offers a glimpse into the musical landscape of this bustling metropolis, enlightening us about the various events awaiting us.

Concertful, on the other hand, provides a list of artists on tour in 2024, showcasing the future prospects of Istanbul’s music scene. Artists such as Coldplay and Metallica are set to grace this historical city with their awe-inspiring performances, promising a delightful spectacle for their loyal fans.

Meanwhile, for those seeking a taste of the past, Concert Archives offers a glimpse of the rich history of concerts and performances in Istanbul. It serves as an invaluable resource for uncovering the musical heritage of this enchanting city, giving us a peek into the artistic tapestry that has unfolded here over the years.

European Hotspots for Music Discoveries

Beyond Istanbul, Europe boasts a multitude of musical treasures just waiting to be explored. Songkick, with its extensive database, provides information on the top artists currently on tour, allowing us to keep track of their upcoming performances, tour dates, and ticket availability. It serves as a reliable guide for those eager to follow their favorite artists and experience their magic firsthand.

Pitchfork, a renowned music publication, has compiled a list of the most anticipated tours of 2023, unveiling a host of exciting prospects for music enthusiasts. From the chart-topping sensation Taylor Swift to the legendary Bob Dylan, a whole spectrum of musical brilliance awaits.

If you find yourself in the United Kingdom, Ticketmaster UK can be your go-to resource for exploring the concerts, gigs, and tours happening in both 2023 and 2024. This guide ensures that you remain in the loop about the buzzing music scenes across the country, providing a roadmap to memorable musical experiences.

The Rolling Stones Return to the Stage

As we dive into the realm of legendary bands, news of The Rolling Stones’ upcoming stadium tour in 2024 fills our hearts with anticipation. After a hiatus since 2019, the iconic rockers will make a triumphant return to the U.S., marking a significant milestone in their distinguished career. Keeping an eye on their tour schedule is a must for anyone longing to witness their electrifying performances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Istanbul is a thriving hub for concerts and festivals. Websites like Songkick and Concertful offer comprehensive information on the dates, locations, and tickets for concerts and festivals in Istanbul in 2023 and 2024.
  • Songkick provides details on top artists currently on tour in Europe. Stay updated on their tour dates and ticket availability through this valuable resource.
  • Pitchfork has curated a list of the most anticipated tours in 2023, featuring artists like Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan.
  • For those in the United Kingdom, Ticketmaster UK serves as a guide to concerts, gigs, and tours happening in 2023 and 2024.
  • The Rolling Stones’ stadium tour in 2024 marks their highly anticipated return to the stage in the U.S., promising unforgettable performances.

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Spotlight on Emerging European Talent Making Waves

Key Takeaways:
  • ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is a significant event for showcasing emerging European music talent.
  • The festival plays a crucial role in launching new European acts into the live music scene.
  • Creative Europe supports 16 European platforms that promote emerging artists and increase their visibility.
  • The Music Moves Europe Awards recognize outstanding European emerging artists and offer performance opportunities.
  • Brexit has impacted touring opportunities for UK talent in Europe.

Are you ready to uncover the next wave of musical brilliance emanating from the vibrant European music scene? In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on emerging European talent that is making waves and capturing the hearts of audiences across the continent. From the exhilarating performances at ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) to the support provided by Creative Europe and the Music Moves Europe Awards, we’ll explore the latest trends and opportunities for these rising stars.

ESNS: A Centerstage for Emerging European Talent

ESNS, taking place from January 18 to 21, 2023, in Groningen, the Netherlands, serves as an essential platform for breakthrough European acts. This influential event not only gathers music industry professionals and enthusiasts but also provides a launchpad for emerging artists. By connecting them with managers, labels, and bookers, ESNS acts as a catalyst for expanding their careers and propelling their music onto the international stage.

Creative Europe: Elevating European Artists

As the cultural sector’s financial support program, Creative Europe plays a crucial role in promoting emerging European artists. Through co-financing 16 European platforms, Creative Europe aims to enhance the visibility and circulation of these talented individuals and their work. By providing resources and opportunities, Creative Europe ensures that artists can reach broader audiences, fostering diversity and cultural exchange in the process.

Music Moves Europe Awards: Celebrating Excellence and Encouraging Growth

The Music Moves Europe Awards, an EU prize for popular and contemporary culture, shines a bright light on outstanding emerging European artists. These awards not only recognize artistic excellence but also provide recipients with performance opportunities. In fact, winners of the Music Moves Europe Awards are granted the chance to showcase their talents at ESNS and receive specialized training programs, further nurturing their growth and expanding their networks.

Navigating Turbulent Waters: Brexit’s Impact on UK Talent

Brexit has presented challenges for UK talent seeking to tour in Europe. Changes in visa requirements and work permits have introduced obstacles that musicians must navigate to continue performing across the continent. Despite these challenges, the talent from the United Kingdom remains resilient, adapting to the new landscape and finding ways to connect with European audiences.

As we embark on this journey through the European music scene, we will uncover hidden gems, witness breathtaking performances, and delve into the diverse landscape of emerging European talent. Join us as we celebrate these artists on their remarkable journeys, and together, let’s raise our voices in support of the vibrant European music community.

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Music Moves Europe Awards, the EU prize for popular and contemporary culture

Tips for Maximizing Your Summer Music Experience in Europe

As summer approaches, music fans around the world are eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant European music scene. From iconic festivals to intimate concerts, Europe offers a plethora of opportunities to witness and discover talented artists from all genres. To ensure you make the most of your summer music experience, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

1. Plan Ahead and Research

To fully enjoy your summer music adventure in Europe, it’s essential to plan ahead and do thorough research. Determine which artists you want to see, check their tour dates and locations, and be aware of any festivals or special events happening during your visit. Make a list of must-see performances and create an itinerary to maximize your time and make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities.

2. Explore Music Festivals

Europe boasts a vibrant festival culture, with a wide variety of music festivals catering to diverse tastes. From renowned festivals like Glastonbury and Tomorrowland to smaller, niche events, there’s something for everyone. Explore different genres and discover new artists while enjoying the unique atmosphere and community spirit these festivals offer. Remember to secure your tickets in advance, as they often sell out quickly.

3. Immerse Yourself in Local Scenes

While attending major festivals and concerts can be exhilarating, don’t overlook the local music scenes in each city you visit. Seek out smaller venues, clubs, and bars where local artists perform. These intimate settings often provide a more authentic and unique experience, allowing you to discover up-and-coming talent and connect with the local music community.

4. Connect with Local Music Communities

To truly immerse yourself in the European music scene, consider joining musician communities and networks. These platforms provide opportunities to connect with local artists, promoters, and fans who can offer insights, advice, and even potential accommodations. Building these connections will enhance your experience by allowing you to discover hidden gems and receive insider information about upcoming shows and events.

5. Stay Flexible and Open-Minded

While planning is crucial, it’s also important to remain flexible and open-minded during your summer music journey. Unexpected opportunities may arise, such as impromptu performances or collaborations, that can lead to unforgettable moments. Embrace spontaneity and seize the chance to explore different genres and artists you may not be familiar with. You never know what musical treasures you may uncover along the way.

6. Consider Travel Logistics

Traveling across Europe for music events requires careful consideration of logistics. Research transportation options between cities, such as trains or budget airlines, to optimize your travel time and budget. If attending festivals, inquire about accommodation options, as many offer camping areas or nearby accommodations for attendees. Be mindful of visa requirements, necessary permits, and potential border restrictions, especially in light of changing regulations related to Brexit.

7. Stay Connected and Informed

In the digital age, staying connected and informed has become easier than ever. Utilize music websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps to stay updated on tour announcements, ticket sales, and artist news. Follow local music blogs and publications for insights into the European music scene and to discover emerging artists. By staying connected, you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities during your summer music adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan your summer music experience in Europe by researching artists, tour dates, and festivals in advance.
  • Explore the vibrant festival culture and immerse yourself in local music scenes.
  • Connect with local music communities to discover hidden gems and receive insider information.
  • Stay flexible and open-minded, embracing unexpected opportunities and exploring new genres.
  • Consider travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, and visa requirements.
  • Stay connected and informed through music websites, social media, and local publications.

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Artists Touring In Europe Summer 2023


Q1: Which notable artists are touring in Europe in the summer of 2023?

A1: Some notable artists touring in Europe in the summer of 2023 include Coldplay, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Bruce Springsteen, Hans Zimmer, Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Paramore, Madonna, Beyoncé, Pink, Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, Brandi Carlile, Grouplove, Adele, SZA, The Breeders, Janet Jackson, Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, Lil Yachty, and more.

Q2: Are there any music festivals happening in Europe in the summer of 2023?

A2: Yes, there are numerous music festivals in Europe to look forward to in the summer of 2023. Some festivals to watch out for include ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) in Groningen, the Netherlands, and various other festivals happening in different European countries.

Q3: How can musicians navigate phone and communication issues while touring in Europe?

A3: Musicians touring Europe can consider using cheap mobile phones with top-up sim cards for cost-effectiveness. However, it’s important to be aware that these sim cards and phones may expire if not used for six months, and the phones may be locked. Having a working phone is crucial for communication and navigating in unfamiliar places.

Q4: Are work permits required for musicians touring in Europe?

A4: The UK is the only country mentioned that requires a work permit for touring musicians. It is essential to follow the regulations and obtain the necessary work permits in advance. Even with a work permit, musicians may still undergo verification and screening processes upon entry.

Q5: How can musicians find accommodations while touring in Europe?

A5: In the early stages of touring, musicians often stay in B&Bs, hotels, or with agents and promoters who offer spare rooms. As time goes on, establishing connections and friendships with locals can provide opportunities for free accommodations. Joining musician communities and networks can help musicians connect with potential hosts.

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